3EM Weekly Learning

Week beginning: 18th December

This week we will be preparing for Christmas!

We will be creating cards and calendars as well as reminding the children about the Christian meaning of Christmas around the world.


On Monday we will have a dress rehearsal in the morning followed by 'Ralph the Reindeer' in the afternoon. Please give us a chance to prepare the hall after lunchtime before coming to claim your seats- there will be a long wait at the door if you come too early!


On Thursday we will be having a Christmas treat at the cinema. We will be watching 'Ferdinand' at the Odeon in Huddersfield. Please don't be late as the coaches will set off promptly in the morning.


Friday is Christmas lunch day. The children will be allowed to wear a Christmas junper for the day.

We all hope you have a Happy Christmas, a good rest and then come back on Monday 8th January 2018 ready for a fresh start and lots of hard work!



Week Beginning: 11th December

This week is ASSESSMENT week. We will be assessing reading comprehension, spellings, grammar and punctuation as well as maths.

Please help by practising times tables and spellings with your child. Listening to them read and asking questions about the text will also help to prepare your child for the asessments.

Science: As part of our topic on Animals and Skeletons, we will classify types of diet into Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore.

Road Safety: This week we will have the second part of our Road Safety work led by the Kirklees Road Safety unit.

Christmas Show: Rehearsals will continue this week. Please try to remember costumes as explained last week and don't forget to book a ticket. Again we apologise for the limit on tickets but with such a large year group we really must stick to fire regulations to keep everyone safe.

Week Beginning: 4th December

English: This week we are continuing with instruction writing. We will use a rhetorical question and then some time phrases to sequence instructions in chronological order.

Maths: In maths we are continuing with multiplication using the grid method. Please help with partitioning 2 and 3 digit numbers before multiplying.

Road Safety: We are looking forward to Road Safety lessons on Tuesday and again next week. Please help by reading the information leaflets together at home.

Christmas Show: Our Year 3 Christmas Show is 'Ralf the Reindeer'. Rehearsals are well under way! We will give more details about tickets and costumes soon. Due to limits on safe seating in the hall, we are only able to issue 2 tickets per family and unfortunately we are unable to cater for younger siblings. The show will be in the afternoon of Monday 18th December.

Spellings: This week we will test the Unit 3 spellings on the suffix 'ous'.


Week Beginning : 27th November

English: This week in English we will be starting a unit on Instruction writing. We will start by investigating the features of several types of instructions before sequencing and writing our own instructions.

Maths: In maths we will continue our work on multiplication. We will use the grid method (see homework) to solve some calculations.

Science: On Thursday this week we will be enjoying a 'Science Day' focussing on our unit of work all about skeletons.

Music : We are delighted that Jeff Rich, the world famous drummer from Status Quo, will be in school on Monday afternoon to give a drum workshop/concert.

Spellings: In spellings we will check the unit 2 words again (you can always print another copy from our class page)

Homework: As usual, due in by Wednesday, homework this week is to consolidate the use of the grid method for multiplication.

Week Beginning 20th November:

English: This week in English we will be using all our skills and talents to write our own version of Billy's Bucket. We will change the character, the present and the imaginary world and finish the week with a fantastic piece of unaided writing smiley.

We will also be learning songs for our Christmas production of 'Ralph the Reindeer'.


Maths: In maths we will be focussing on times tables and how to use them to solve some calculations and word problems.


Science: In science we will be looking at and comparing different images of animal skeletons.


Spellings: In spellings we will check the unit 2 words (you can always print another copy from our class page)


Homework: As usual, due in by Wednesday next week. Please read at least 3 times a week to be a regular reader and keep working on the Stage books in order to become an Independent reader- thankyou.



Week Beginning : 13th November

English: This week we will be continuing our work on Billy's Bucket. After 'Boxing up' the story, we will add some of our own ideas before writing our own version which will include speech and the accurate use of inverted commas.

Maths: This week we will continue to use the partitioning method for addition and subtraction calculations. By the end of the week we will be using this method to solve worded problems.

Homework: Due in by Wednesday, the homework is complete some subtraction calculations by partitioning the smaller number.

Spellings: Unit 2 spellings will be assessed on Friday.

Pantomime: We are really pleased that M and M productions are in school on Tuesday to present Cinderella to the whole school.

Week Beginning : 6th November

English: This week we will be starting a new unit of work based on the book 'Billy's Bucket!'  We will be predicting the story then using role play to act out scenes. Later on in the week we will be using a story map to retell the story and boxing up the key points.

Maths:  This week we will mostly be subtracting numbers. First we will start with a number line and then we will progress to partitioning the smaller number, subtracting the 10's first and then the ones.

Homework: This week the homework is a consolidation activity on subtraction. Please read with your child and help them learn the bronze spellings above.

Week Beginning: 30th October

English: This week we are going 'Back to Basics' with an emphasis on well formed sentences, capital letters, full stops and correct letter formation.

Maths: We are having a week on shapes and their properties. We will check on basic 2 dimensional shapes, sides, vertices, parallel sides, opposites, regular and irregular shapes. Later on we will revise quadrilaterals such as parallelograms, rhombus, kites and trapeziums.


Week Beginning : 16th October

English: This week is our first assessment week. The children will be checked on spellings, grammar and punctuation and reading. Please help this weekend by reading with and asking your child questions about what they have read. We will also be writing a recount about our trip to Pizza Express on Wednesday..

Also remember that we are checking to see who is a regular reader to include them in our reward next half term.

Maths: Again we will be assessing understanding in maths so far this year. Please help by practising use of partitioning for addition, missing number calculations and 2,3,5 and 10 times tables.


Week Beginning : 9th October

English: This week we will mostly be preparing for our UNAIDED WRITING ASSESSMENT. We will listen to sounds and look at pictures of spooky huses in order to write a descriptive setting for a HAUNTED HOUSE! The children will need to remember to use adjectives, prepositions, adverbs and conjunctions which they have learnt about in previous weeks.


Maths: This week we are looking at subtraction. Children will begin the week by mentally subtracting one digit numbers from two and three digit numbers, then moving on to subtracting multiples of 10. Towards the end of the week, children will be subtracting two and three digit numbers using a number line.


Homework: Due in by Wednesday this week. Children are to solve addition problems using the partitioning method that they have been taught.

RE: We will complete our work on the 99 names for Allah.

Topic: In our topic lesson we will focus on the UK and try to understand that the country is divided into counties. We will check that the children know the capital city of each of the countries in the UK and that we live in West Yorkshire.

It will help if they can learn their addres at home.

Spellings: Children will be tested on the Bronze spelling set on Friday.


Week Beginning: 2nd October 2017

English: This week we will be continuing our work on story settings. We will be concentrating on action by adding verbs and adverbs to describe actions in a Park setting.


Maths: In maths we will be focusing on addition. We will begin by using a number line to add two and three digit numbers and then will move on to learning and using the partitioning method. Please help by checking number bonds to 10 and by counting on and back from any number in 10's.

RE: In RE this week we will be learning why Muslims have 99 names for Allah. I wonder if you can find out some reasons?

Topic: For Geography we will be trying to learn some of the names of countries in Europe. Maybe you have been on holiday to some of them?


Homework: Due in by Wednesday this week. Children are to read a setting description and draw what is being described.


Spellings: Children will be tested on the Bronze spelling set on Friday.


Week Beginning: 25th September 2017

English: This week we will continue our work on story settings. Children will begin the week by going outside and thinking about vocabulary to describe a woodland setting. Then, using the vocabulary that they have collected, children will write their own sentences using positional prepositions before improving them and writing a full descriptive paragraph.


Maths: Children will begin the week by finding 10 more or less than a 3 digit number, using Base 10 to help. Later in the week children will move on to adding single digit numbers to a 2 or 3 digit number. They will end the week by adding multiples of 10 to a 2 digit number.

RE: This week we will be discussing how images of Jesus have been portrayed through art.

PE: In our PE and Games lessons we are developing multi-skills using a variety of apparatus including balls, bean bags and small apparatus.

Homework: To be in by Thursday, children should complete the sheet, recognising the value of digits in a three digit number and building 3 digit numbers using number sentences.


Spellings: Children will be tested on Oxford Owl Unit 1 Spellings this week.

Week Beginning 18th September 2017

English: This week we will  work on story settings. The children will use picture clues to identify different settings before discussing why a setting is important to a story. We will think about the different features that writers use to make a setting really come alive when we read about it. They will collect expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun e.g. towering, stone walls) to use in a short descriptive paragraph about a castle setting.


Maths:  The children will be continuing their work on place value.  They will be reading and writing numbers up to 1000, comparing and ordering different numbers as well as estimating where numbers can be placed on numberlines. Later in the week the children will be counting in multiples of 50 and 100.

Topic: We will be finding out more about the Town of Dewsbury and completing a thought harvest- please talk about how Dewsbury has changed over the years.


Homework:  Due in by Wednesday. Children are to rewrite sentences to correctly include capital letters and full stops.

Reading: Well done to everyone who has been reading this week. Keep it up- 3 times each week and you will be a regular reader!

Spellings: Children will be tested on the Bronze spellings which were sent home with homework last week. 


Week Beginning: 11th September

English: This week we will be focussing on capital letters and full stops. We will revise the use of capitals for senteces, names of people and places.

Maths:  We will be practising the use of partitioning numbers in order to add. This is where 2 digit and 3 digit numbers are partitioned into their components e.g.  542 = 500 + 40 + 2 or even  400 + 140 + 2

Canon Hall Farm visit: Wednesday

Topic: We will introduce our topic all about Dewsbury. What do the children know about the town where they live.


Week beginning: 4th September

Welcome to Bywell.

This week we will be getting to know each other and completing activities to reinforce learning expectations as we help the children settle in to their new learning environment. We will be practising school routines and finding out more about likes and dislikes, practising some handwriting and spellings and developing our own class rules and a vision statement for our class.


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