Oak 5 Weekly Learning

Spring 1 

Week Commencing 15/01/17


This week in English we will be writting persuasive letters, persuading Miss Adam and the CEO of Sports Direct to provide us with water bottles. We will be using a range of features such as conjunctions, sentence openers and flattery,


In Maths this week we will be look at equivalent fractions, understanding that whenever you multiply the numerator you multiply the denominator by the same number. Children will also be using reasoning skills to find patterns in equivalence.




Week Commencing 08/01/18


This week we will be focusing on using persuasive language and how we can see and hear persuasive language in our daily lives. We will be finding out how we can potentially perusade others based on the language we use.


In Maths this week, we will be looking at fractions. We will start by gaining a solid understanding of what fractions are and what they look like in real life. We will then move onto comparing factions using greater than and less than symbols. This will be a very exciting week in Maths with lots of fun activities to get us thinking deeply about how the numerator and the denominator can affect the size of the fraction.


WK: 18th December

This week we wil be rehearsing for our Christmas performance on Tuesday. We will also be watching other children's performances throughout the week. We will  be looking forward to our Christmas Cinema trip on Thursday. I wish both children and Parents/Carer a very warm and happy Christmas.

Wk: 4th December

This is an incredibly exciting week as we will have out trip to Robin Wood. I know everyone has been incredibly excited and I just cant wait to set off. I know we are going to have such a fantastic time.


Wk: 27th November

We have several exciting events happening this week:

Monday am: Magistartes in the Community.

Thursday pm: Science Day


This week the children will be planning and writing their assessment piece; a diary from the viewpoint of the Highwayman. They will use their knowledge from this half term to include emotive langauge, rhetorical questions and after thoughts in their diary. The children will need to thnk about using a range of sentence types , ambitious word choices, a range of sentence openers and punctaution to make their writing interesting to the reader.


In Maths we will recap over the formal written methods for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication methods we have learnt this term. The children will then complete their maths assessment. Good luck!

Wk: 13th November


We will write a diary from the viewpoint of Bess from The Highwayman poem, written by Alfred Noyes. We will focus on the use of emotive language, rehetorical questions and after thoughts. We will continue to work on the use of grammar and punctuation in our sentences.


The children will be introuded to the formal written method for division. The children will have opportunities to become confident in using the corrcect layout and how to record any remainders. Using equivalent multiplication facts will help the children with their division calcuations so please encourgae your child to practise their time tables.

Wk: 6th November


We will begin our new writing topic: The Highwayman. We will use the poem written by Alfred Noyes as a stimulus for writing diaries. The children will become familiar with the vocabulary, characters and events within this poem. We will read and pick out the key features of the highwayman, Claude du Val's diary.


We will be using concrete and pictorial representations to divide four digit numbers. With a partner, the children will practise using the Bar Model to divide numbers. First we will practise with place value counters and progress to the children drawing their own represntations. Then we will look at how exchanging takes place within division.


Week Commencing 31/10/17


This week in English we will be improving our understanding of sentnece types and understanding how to accurtaley punctuate our sentences. This will be incredibly beneficial for all children in order to reach Year 5 expectations in writing.


This week in Maths we will be looking at using the Formal Written Method for Multiplication. Children will be multiplying 3-5 digit numbers by 1 and 2 digit numbers. A very challenging week ahead but I just know that Oak 5 are up to the challenge.  




Week Commencing 16th/10/17

This week we will be looking at carrying out our half termly tests. The children have been well prepared for these tests.  




Wk: 2nd October


We will be describing the gruesome and hideous creatures from our class novel Shadow Forest. The children will write detailed character descriptions using inform, explain and describe sentence types. 


In Maths this week, we will be looking at using the expanded method for addition and subtraction. Children will be using the technique in order to help hem understand the place value of each digit and the principles behin the compact methods. Another challenging week in Oak 5 but I am sure we are up for the challenge.





Wk: 18th September


We are continuing to read our class novel Shadow Forest where we are discovering how Samuel and Martha are settling into their new lives in Norway. We will look at how the character’s speech and narrative are interweaved to move the story along. In addition, we will begin to identify relative and embedded clauses in writing pieces.


We are comparing 6 digit numbers using the greater than sign (>) and the less than sign (<) and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.


Another exciting yet challenging week ahead. I hope we can continue to try our best in each lesson. Remember, homework is due this Wednesday and reading logs are due Monday. 

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