Year 3 Spring Learning

Topic: We are very excited to be learning all about the Stone Age. We will look at the the 3 different eras and how things changed as they moved into the bronze and iron age. We will focus on the lifestyle of the people, progressing from hunter gatherers to farmers. We will also be researching about the survival skills and how the people hunted for their food and the methods they used.


Science: Our topic is Rocks and Soils. We will look at a variety of different rocks and their properties. Also we will look the the 3 types of rock and how they are formed. Then we will move on to look at different soils, their uses and how they are formed. An investigation will allow us to compare different soil types.


Computing: During this term we will be focusing on programming. The children will be introduced to programming using Bee-Bots (mini programmable robots), creating algorithms to make it move and fixing any bugs that occur. They will then move on to using Scratch Jr on the iPads to make a simple game. This will lead them in to using Scratch on the laptops to use a wider range of commands to programme characters.


Art: This term we are looking at cave paintings and exploring methods used by Stone age poeple to create them. We will begin by going outside to collect materials we could use e.g. rocks, sticks, berries and mud. We will then use these natural materials to create our own cave paintings and compare the effects we can create.


RE: We will be looking at the creation stories from different faiths. We will compare the different stories identifying similarities and differences. Then we will think about what these stories teach us and how they are still relevant today.   


PE: This term, our PE focus is dance. We will use our Stone Age theme to create routines involving Stone Age hunting and gathering.

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