School Council

Our School Council are elected every year by each class.  The class decide who will be voted to represent their views on important school issues after each nominee reads out an election manifesto!  Mrs Spon-Smith leads the School Council and supports them in discussing whole school matters.  


Birch 3EM Niamh Jordan

Birch 3JC Callum Firth

Birch 3KT Edward Rushfirth

Hazel 4 Hollie Gallagher

Hazel 5 Hamzah Patel

Hazel 6 Bahasht Nabaz

Oak 4 Corey Hartley

Oak 5 Jessica Fulleylove

Oak 6 Blake Dodgon

Willow 4 Ellis Peake

Willow 5 James Adam

Willow 6 Grace Pickles


Meeting Overview:

October 2016: Welcome meeting & the children's role as a class councilor

November 2016: Organising Children in Need and Poppies for Rememberance Sunday

December 2016: Running the Christmas Post for the final two weeks of the Term

January 2017: Creating a class suggestion box to allow pupils to voice their opinions

February 2017: Researching Toilet Twinning as a fundraising idea. Writing a letter to the Freinds of Bywell for a £10 donation for each unit.

March 2017: Helping to organise Red Nose day and creating an advertisment flyer

April 2017: After collecting class suggestions for the Toilet Twinning fundraiser event, the school council decided the event would be a board games afternoon.

May 2017: Organise and promote a board games afternoon on Friday 26th May for a minimum donation of 50p towards the Toilet Twinning project.


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Main Contact: Ms Z Adam

Tel: 01924 460666


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