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Bywell CofE Junior-00775

Subject Overview

Subject Intent

At Bywell Junior School, our curriculum aims to exercise pupil’s creativity as well as to broaden their skills and knowledge of Design and Technology. This creative curriculum will be inclusive for all pupils to experience where positivity, thoughtfulness and enjoyment will be embedded throughout all Design and Technology topics. Pupil’s will be taught endurance skills within this subject as across the school, all pupils will follow a process whilst carrying out a variety of creative and practical activities. The process includes researching and designing products using technical knowledge, making products using skills taught within the sessions as well as given opportunity to draw upon previous knowledge and skills and evaluating using compassion and justice as pupils can evaluate their own work as well as each other’s work. Alongside the teaching and learning of Design and Technology, this subject will allow students to draw upon prior subject knowledge of core subjects and other foundation subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Art in order to aid their learning. Pupils are expected to aim high and strive towards such high standards by experiencing high-quality teaching whilst working in a safe and supportive environment. Our Design and Technology curriculum will be progressive to allow for development as pupils move through our school. Children will grow and prosper throughout their time at Bywell Junior School. This subject allows our students to unlock and blossom the expertise they need to become confident and experienced within Design and Technology.

Subject Implementation

  • Children will receive high-quality teaching where gaps within Design and Technology will be addressed and monitored each half term with 1 x 1 hour weekly lesson with class teachers.
  • Teachers to use formative assessments within the classroom to identify any gaps from previous years or previous Key Stage.
  • Planning will be monitored to ensure that it is meeting the needs of all pupils including those with additional needs.
  • Children will cover 3 units over the year.
  • Interventions set up for pupils who need extra support with fine motor skills.
  • Children to take part in one textile, one construction and one food and nutrition topic across the full academic year.

Subject Impact

At Bywell, pupils are accessing the DT curriculum every term. We have carried out blocked DT where pupils have done DT across a 1-2 week period previously. Pupils have accessed a wide range of topics and had ample opportunity to further and broaden their own skillset. Pupils have developed a love for all things DT and they look forward to the DT lessons.

Teachers are using the Kapow subscription in order to teach DT and they are using this effectively. All teachers have said that they know where the resources are and that they are confident in using this tool in order to teach high quality lessons. Teachers are comfortable in approaching the DT lead and asking for support and guidance as well as asking for particular resources that they feel would help their lessons. These resources have then been ordered appropriately where needed.

DT is a lesson that our Bywell pupils love and that we have seen a major turn around in this year.

Next steps for 2023/24

  • Ensure that progress is made for all pupils across the years – including SEN pupils.


  • Develop DT clubs further as they have been a huge success this year!


  • DT to be taught by DT lead across the school during PPA cover sessions

October 2023 Review

  • Ensure that progress is made for all pupils across the years – including SEN pupils.


  • Develop DT clubs further as they have been a huge success this year!


  • DT to be taught by DT lead across the school during PPA cover sessions.


  • This year a new lead has taken over the subject.


  • I have familiarized myself with the new units on KAPOW and selected relevant units for our school.


  • I have created a progressive whole school DT overview for this academic year.


  • All staff have a log in to the KAPOW website.

December 2023 Review

  • The first DT unit completed across the school was all based around sowing. It had different degrees of difficulty, showing the curriculum was progress. Y3 designed and made a cushion and Y6 designed and made a waistcoat.
  • DT to be taught by the class teachers.
  • The staff have moved to a more formal method of assessment, using a spreadsheet to identify which children are working at the expected standard. The spreadsheet helps teachers to identify the children who need more support as it clearly outlines what to look for in an expected child in Art so there is no confusion. This then helped us to also identify the gifted children and help to push them and help them develop their love of the subject.

March 2024 Review

  • The staff have completed the first units in the classroom since DT has been taught by the class teachers. Pupil feedback is positive and children are able to identify a wide range of tools they have used in DT already this year.
  • As DT lead I have been on a course supporting the delivery of the Royal Opera House create and design module that would then be taught by the Year 5 teachers.
  • This was then delivered in the classroom after the children had the opportunity to meet the artists in a live session. They were given a preview of what opera is.
  • They were then invited to a Create & Share where they had the opportunity to show the work they had completed in the lesson on 21st March 2024. The culmination provided opportunity for the children to see samples of other children’s work, hear from stage designers and understand more about the role of puppets in performance. The children were able to ask stage designers questions.