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Bywell CofE Junior-01538

Subject Overview

Subject Intent

At Bywell Junior School we learn together and grow together. What better way to learn and grow than through the unique power and influence of music? Music is a universal language embodying one of the highest forms of creativity.

Through music we can find peace. By discovering shared interests we can foster and strengthen friendships. In music, we can find solace, helping us endure when we may be burdened. Music can induce or alter our emotions; from joyful and euphoric to peaceful, reflective and compassionate. Shaped by our school vision, our music curriculum is justly designed to be fully inclusive to engage and inspire our pupils to develop a love of music. We will nurture their musical potential, increasing self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement, whilst encouraging their musical development across school, allowing all pupils the opportunity the shine.

Music will be taught by class teachers with access to quality resources and support from the music lead. A choir club will take place during lunch times. There will be further opportunities for children to engage with music via Rocksteady music school (offering experience of playing ‘rock’ instruments in a band setting); Musica Kirklees (offering individual ‘classical’ instrument lessons); and various other community based musical experiences e.g. Brazillian drumming, festive carol concerts and taking part in Young Voices. Singing assemblies will also continue each week. All of this will ensure a varied, quality music provision for the whole school and maintain music’s profile.

Subject Implementation

  • Raise and maintain profile of music throughout school.
  • Ensure the quality and regularity of music provision.
  • Inspire an interest/love of music early on in the school year.
  • Offer varied opportunities for pupils to play instruments, including using their voice.
  • To perform, review and appraise music from a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions.
  • Create and compose music and understand how music is created, produced and communicated.
  • Maintain interest and inquisitiveness about music throughout the year.
  • Gradually increase musical confidence, knowledge and ability.
  • All pupils, including those with identified SEND to be supported.
  • Pupil achievement in music to be highlighted and celebrate at appropriate opportunities, with musical achievements to be celebrated throughout the year.
  • Opportunities for children to meaningfully engage with music as much as possible and in ways they choose.
  • Continue whole school singing practices.
  • AFL opportunities utilised in lessons with achievements being shared.
  • Performances within school/to parents and carers will be planned throughout the year.
  • Staff confidence and knowledge to be supported via CPD (including music lead to provide INSET training) in order to provide quality first teaching and meaningful opportunities to engage with music on varied levels.

Subject Impact

  • For the past two years, Music has been taught by a music professional on a regular basis for all pupils in school. As a result, the profile of music has been raised and is maintained throughout the year.
  • Music has been planned and delivered to inspire an interest in music, using contemporary examples where possible. Lunchtime choir, rock band and instrument drop-ins took place during lunchtimes offering pupils opportunities to discover and develop musical talents and abilities.
  • Music lessons have been planned and delivered to give children experience of playing instruments, using their voices and introducing music from a variety of musical periods, genres and styles.
  • Pupils have had opportunities to compose and perform in order to begin to experience and gain some understanding about how music can be created. There has been a greater emphasis on composing this year.
  • Ipads have been used to allow children opportunities to compose music in an accessible way and offers quality results which add to the awe of music creation, keeping children engaged. The sharing of these quality compositions have inspired children to be more creative and experimental with a variety of sounds and loops from the Garage band app.
  • A local musician, Claudio Kron came into school to offer a Brazilian drumming workshop to Y5&6 children. They then took part in a performance at Longcauseway Church as part of Black History Month to showcase their learning.
  • After Y5&6’s successful engagement with different cultures in music, the Brazilian musician Claudio Kron was brought in to school again to lead a workshop Y4.
  • Music lead has made further enquiries about the school registering for a national music award. Preliminary responses suggest Musica Kirklees decide on schools to be put forward for Music Mark, depending on musical involvement.
  • Music lead promoted Young Songwriters 2023 competition to inspire children to take part. Several children in school submitted entries.

July 2023 Update

  • The school was part in Make Music Day 2023 in which we showcased the school rock band to an international audience. In turn, children were able to experience musical performances from many different countries and cultures around the world.
  • Music lead has liaised with Rocksteady music school and Music a Kirklees to arrange showcasing assemblies for September. These will be delivered with a view of recruiting children to learn different musical instruments and/or to perform as part of a band.
  • We have once again taken part in the Young Voices concert, further maintaining a focus on music and encouraging children to take part next year. We have already registered for this.
  • Music lead is researching other community based projects.

Next steps for 2023/24

  • Music will once again be taught by class teachers, therefore teacher confidence must be increased through relevant CPD.
  • Refresher sessions to be organised for teachers to become more familiar with the Charanga music scheme that we use in school.
  • Music lead to arrange performances to showcase different instruments to inspire children to learn to play an instrument.
  • Work with outside agencies such as Musica Kirklees and Rocksteady Music School to offer instrument learning opportunities.
  • Music to be promoted to maintain its profile, initially through involvement with Young Voices again.
  • Music lead to continue to offer lunch time/after school music opportunities (choir club, instrument club)
  • Music lead to explore further community based music opportunities (initially further work with Brazillian musician Claudio Kron.
  • Take part in Make Music Day 2024 to once again showcase the school’s musical achievements to an international audience.
  • Promote Young Songwriters competition 2024 via the Song Academy website. Music lead to support staff in promoting this effectively.

October 2023 Review

  • Following a successful music audit by Musica Kirkees last year, the school has now been accredited the Music Mark award, giving access to further quality music information and resources.
  • Music lead to explore and share newly gained Music Mark accreditation and its benefit of extra quality music resources and information.
  • Music lead to offer CPD opportunities for staff (INSET training, lesson drop-ins) to gain musical knowledge and confidence throughout the year.
  • Rocksteady music school have now commenced lessons with children on Friday afternoons. The initial response to their showcasing assembly was strong, recruiting 21 pupils.
  • Music lead is continuing to liaise with Claudio Kron on a multi-cultural community based project which may be taking place in December.
  • Music lead to research Make Music Day 2024 to once again showcase the school’s musical achievements to an international audience. Explore ways in which class teachers can promote this through music lessons.
  • Music lead to research Young Songwriters competition 2024 via the Song Academy website. Music lead to support staff in promoting this effectively.

December 2023 Review

  • Since music is now being taught by class teachers, they were asked what would help them to begin delivering the music curriculum effectively.
  • Based on this information, an INSET training was arranged to support teachers in planning and delivering lessons. This included basic music reading skills as well as practical approaches for warm-ups, singing, instrument playing and a refresher on how to use our online music resource, Charanga.
  • Teachers have since delivered their first music lessons and initial feedback has been positive.
  • Rocksteady music school have been delivering lessons on Friday afternoons. The first concert took place to showcase their talents with great success. Following the showcase, 1 further pupil has signed up to join Rocksteady. Lessons will continue in the new year.
  • Rehearsals for Young Voices have been continuing and children are looking forward to the live event in February.
  • Year 3 have been taking part in the Create and Sing initiative organised through the Royal Opera House in conjunction with Musica Kirklees. They have been learning songs from Mozart’s The Magic Flute opera. These were showcased in a live performance alongside other school at Huddersfield Town Hall. They performed with professional singers from the Royal Opera House and were accompanied by a full 60 piece symphony orchestra.

March Review 2024

  • Since the music INSET training earlier in the year, staff have now been delivering music lessons to their classes.
  • Some staff have approached the music lead for advice and support with lessons, this has included how to use certain aspects of the Charanga website, how to introduce basic music reading into lessons with instruments, how to structure instrument teaching lessons and how to tune ukuleles in preparation for/as part of a lesson.
  • Rocksteady music school have continued to deliver lessons on Friday afternoons. The pupils are extremely positive about the lesson. There has recently been issues with the band leader being unavailable for a few weeks and Rocksteady being unable to supply a stand-in. They will be crediting the parent’s account to reflect the missed lessons. Music lead has contacted Rocksteady to inform them of the children’s disappointment and them how they children may also be compensated.
  • The Young Voices concert was once again a huge success. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were true Bywell role models.